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  • Elitist Fear in a Handful of Dust


Fear in a Handful of Dust

: Cd Digipack
: Sludge black death metal
: Underground Activists
$ 8.49


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Digipak edition limited to first pressing only.

There is hot new trend growing rapidly in the United States of America and ELITIST are emerging on top of this scene. Young bands with their roots deeply in the Hardcore movement are influenced by European Black Metal. The quartet from Portland, Oregon adds early Death Metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL to this sound and the result is something amazingly fresh and radical. The crusty spirit of Sludgecore transparent in chaotic structures and moments of uncontrol is unleashed unto the world with screams of anger and disgust by vocalist Joshua "Josh" Greene. This is met by the burning hatred of blazing guitars carrying the force of Death and darkness of Black Metal. Quickly gaining a reputation as a brilliant live outfit playing shows with GAZA, TRAP THEM and others, ELITIST deliver a punishing lesson in destruction with their highly anticipated debut album "Fear in a Handful of Dust"!

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