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  • Engel Blood of Saints


Blood of Saints

: Cd
: Industrial modern metal
: Season Of Mist
$ 12.99


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First pressing in limited digipak edition!

ENGEL write a new explosive chapter in their ever evolving saga with the launch of their most epic offering so far: “Blood of Saints”. Their third full-length comes with all the trademark elements that have made the Swedes so popular: crushing riffs, furious solos, catchy melodies, stylish harmonies, aggressive yet emotional vocal lines and intelligent lyrics far removed from the general metal clichés. To this “Blood of Saints” adds a fresh crunch and grinding grittiness, which takes their Gothenburg legacy to a new dimension. ENGEL called once again on legendary producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, DARK TRANQUILLITY) to continue developing their defining sound and style. With their debut “Absolute Design” (2007) and follow-up “Threnody” (2010), ENGEL set a new standard for melodic death metal. Now the Swedes unleash their full potential with “Blood of Saints”!

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