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  • Undercroft Ruins of Gomorrah


Ruins of Gomorrah

: Double Lp + Download Card
: Thrash death metal
: Underground Activists
$ 21.49


This product will be shipped from France.

2 x 12” vinyl in hand-numbered sleeve + Dropcard, limited to 250 copies worldwide!

The Chilean cult act UNDERCROFT emerged from the obscurity of the South American underground as early as the year 1993 with the release of two legendary demos. Their reputation spread quickly and in the wake of first albums “Twisted Souls” (1995) and “Bonebreaker” (1997) the band played during tours and shows with KREATOR, THERION and MORBID ANGEL. After their acclaimed third full-length “Danza Macabra” (2000), UNDERCROFT relocated to Europe, where they worked with producer Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES) on “Evilusion” (2002) and performed with AMON AMARTH, KATAKLYSM and many others. Bass player and vocalist Alvaro Lillo also joined the live line-up of WATAIN. Now UNDERCROFT unleash their stunning sixth full-length “Ruins of Gomorrah”, produced by Daniel Bergstrand. Driven by a burning dark old-school spirit with roots such as early SEPULTURA, this masterpiece surprises with modern brutal Death and Thrash riffing.

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